Current Funding

  • Medications and Weight Gain in PCORnet: The MedWeight Study. Role: Janicke- Site Principal Investigator. (FTE = .10) (PI – Jason Block, MD, MPH)(Grant # 1R01 DK 120598). Source: NIH – NIDDK. Grant Period: (02/20/20-02/19/24)
  • Description: This study will examine how 5 classes of prescription medications influence weight, risk for diabetes, and cholesterol over time; these include medications used to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, depression, and psychoses. Using data from a large network of healthcare institutions, we will determine effects from initiation of medications and sustained use for children and adults. This study will be the most comprehensive assessment of medication-induced weight gain and metabolic risk to date and will provide important, actionable information for clinicians and patients to make the best decisions for their health.
  • Wellness Achieved Through Changing Habits (WATCH): An Acceptance-Based Healthy Lifestyle Intervention for Diverse Adolescents.  Role: Janicke- Co-Investigator (FTE = .05) (PI – Stephanie Manasse)( Grant #R61HL158514). Source: National Institute of Health. Grant Period: (09/01/23-08/01/2027)
  • Description:  This study is a randomized controlled trial testing the effectiveness of a novel ABT weight loss intervention tailored for adolescent girls with overweight/obesity