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Diabetes Behavioral Science Lab

The Diabetes Behavioral Science Lab is directed by Kimberly A. Driscoll, Ph.D. Our research focuses on implementing behavioral interventions to improve type 1 diabetes outcomes and examining psychosocial factors that impact self-management behaviors and health outcomes.

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Pediatric Behavioral Health Lab

The Pediatric Behavioral Health Lab is directed by David Fedele, Ph.D. The mission of the lab is to promote the health of youth diagnosed with chronic medical conditions and their families.

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Pediatric Psychology Lab

The Pediatric Psychology Lab is under the direction of David Janicke, Ph.D.The main goal of the lab is working to understand the relationship between pediatric child health, behavior, and psychosocial functioning.

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Youth Risk and Resilience Lab

The Youth Risk and Resilience Lab is directed by Joy Gabrielli, Ph.D. The lab aims to improve understanding of factors (both environmental and individual) that contribute to youth trajectories of risk and resilience as they progress in development towards adulthood.

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Florida Exposure and Anxiety Research Lab

The Florida Exposure and Anxiety Research Lab is directed by Joseph McNamara, Ph.D. The lab aims to enhance understanding of the etiology of anxiety, OCD, and related disorder presentations and the factors that impact treatment outcome in these populations.

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