Students and Faculty Attend SPPAC 2019

Students and faculty traveled to New Orleans, LA to present findings from current research projects and discuss new directions in Pediatric Psychology.

PHHP Poster 19

Undergraduate Student Presents at the 2019 PHHP Research Day

Each year undergraduate honor’s students are invited to attend and present at the Annual College of Public Health and Health Professions Research Day.

Internship 2019

Gradute Students Match for Internship!

Congratulations to Jenny Warnick, Elise Turner, Mallory Netz, and Andrew Guzick for matching to internship sites!

Graduation - Aug 2018

Congratulations to the 2018 Doctoral Graduates!

Congratulations to Dr. Kendra Krietsch, Dr. Casey Lawless, and Dr. Sarah Stromberg for receiving their doctorates in Clinical Psychology this past weekend!

Jenny Warnick - Headshot

Jennifer Warnick wins Society of Health Psychology research award

Congratulations to Jennifer Warnick for winning the Society of Health Psychology (APA Division 38) Graduate Student Research Award.

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Representative Student & Faculty Publications

Netz, M. D., Fedele, D.A., Sweenie, R., Baker, D., Light, M., & McQuaid, E.L. (In press). Asthma Management Responsibility, Control, and Quality of Life Among Emerging Adolescents. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsz069

Janicke, DM, Lim CS, Perri, MG, Mathews, AE, Bobroff, L, Gurka MJ, Parish A, Brumback B, Dumont-Driscoll M, & Silverstein, J. (2019). Behavioral Family Interventions Addressing Childhood Obesity in Rural Settings: Outcomes from the E-FLIP for Kids Trial. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 44, 889-901.

Westen, S., Warnick, J. Albanese-O’Neill, A., Schatz, D., Haller, M., & Janicke, DM.  (2019). Objectively-measured adherence in adolescents with type 1 diabetes on multiple daily injections and insulin pump therapy. Journal of Pediatric Psychology, 44, 21-31.

Ramsey, R. R., Carmody, J., Voorhees, S., Warning, A., Cushing, C. C., Guilbert, T. W., Hommel, K. A., & Fedele, D. A. (2019). A Systematic Evaluation of Asthma Management Apps Examining Behavior Change Techniques. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice.

Fidler, A., Lawless, C., LeFave, E., Netz, M., McConville, A., Turner, E., Fedele, D. (2019). Anxiety among adolescents with asthma: Relationships with asthma control and sleep quality. Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology, 7(2), 151-156. doi: 10.1037/cpp0000267

Westen, S.C., Mitchell, T. B., Mayer-Brown, S., Resmini Rawlinson, A., Ding, K., & Janicke, D.M. (Epub ahead of print). Mother and father controlling feeding behaviors and associations with observed mealtime family functioning. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsz060

Sweenie, R., Basch, M.C., Ding, K., Pinto, S., Chardon, M., Janicke, D.M., Acharya, R., Fedele, D.A. (In Press). Subjective social status in adolescents with asthma: psychosocial and physical health outcomes. Health Psychology.

Krietsch, K.N., Chardon, M.L., Beebe, D.W., & Janicke, DM . (2019). Sleep and Weight-Related Factors in Youth: A Systematic Review of Recent Studies. Sleep Medicine Reviews, 46, 87-96.

Basch, M.C., Mayer-Brown, S., Robinson, M.E., & Janicke, D.M. (in press). Pediatric Weight Bias in Pre-Health Profession Undergraduates: An Idiographic Approach. Translational Behavioral Medicine.

Basch, M.C., Stromberg, S.E., Krietsch, K., Chardon, M.L., Reynolds, C., Acharya, R., & Janicke, D.M. (in press). Adolescent-Reported Sleep/Wake Patterns in the Relationships between Inhibitory Control and Internalizing and Externalizing Problems. Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics.

Fedele, D., Lucero, R., Janicke, D., Abu-Hasan, M., McQuaid, E., Moon, J., Fidler, A., Wallace-Farquharson, T., & Lindberg, D. (2019). Development of a behavioral family lifestyle intervention supported by mobile health to improve weight self-management in children with asthma and obesity. JMIR Research Protocols, 8(6): e13549, doi:10.2196/13549

Mayer-Brown, S., Basch, M.C., Robinson, M.E., & Janicke, D.M. (2019). Impact of Child and Maternal Weight on Healthcare Trainee Clinical Assessment Decision Making: A Virtual Human Study. Childhood Obesity, 15(1), 63-70.

Vaz, L.E., Wagner, D. V., Ramsey, K. L., Jenisch, C., Austin, J. P., Jungbauer, R., Felder, K., Vega-Juarez, R., Gomez, M., Koskela-Staples, N., Harris, M., Zuckerman, K. E. (in press). Identification of caregiver reported social risk factors in hospitalized children. Hospital Pediatrics.

Cushing, C. C., Fedele, D. A., Patton, S. R., McQuaid, E. L., Smyth, J. M., Prabhakaran, S., Gierer, S., Koskela-Staples, N., Ortega, A., Fleming, K., & Nezu, A. R. (2019). Responsive Asthma Care for Teens (ReACT): Development protocol for an adaptive mobile health intervention for adolescents with asthma. BMJ Open, 9, e030029.

Heerman, WJ, Daley, MF, Boone-Heinonen, J, Rifas-Shiman, SL, Bailey, LC, Forrest, CB, Young, J, Gillman, MW, Horgan, CE, Janicke, DM, Jenter, C., Kharband, E., Lunsford, D, Toh, S., Block, JP, & PCORNet Collaborative Study Group. (2019). Maternal Antibiotic Use During Pregnancy is Not Associated with Childhood Obesity at Age Five Years. International Journal of Obesity, 43, 1202-09.

Stromberg, SE, Wheeler, PB, Chardon, ML, & Janicke, DM.  (2019). Parent Perceptions of Restrictive Feeding on the Relationship between Youth BMI z-score and Weight Control Behavior Use in African American Youth: A Mediational Study. Eating Behaviors, 33, 67-72.

Warnick J, Stromberg S, Krietsch K, & Janicke DM.  (2019). Associations between family functioning and parental perceptions of child feeding in family-based behavioral weight loss intervention. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 16, 431-439.

Fisher, R.S.,  Krietsch, K.N., & Janicke, D.M. (2019). Feasibility of a Single-Subject Protocol to Shift Young Children’s Sleep Schedules.  Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings – Advanced Access.

Lockwood, L., Voorhees, S., & Fedele, D.A. (2019). Association between Asthma Medication Adherence and Patient-Provider Collaboration. UF Journal of Undergraduate Research.

Stone, A.L., Walker, L.S., Heathcote, L.C., Hernandez, J.M., Basch, M.C., Wilson, A.C., & Simons, L.E. (in press). Somatic symptoms in pediatric patients with chronic pain: proposed clinical reference points for the Children’s Somatic Symptoms Inventory (formerly Children’s Somatization Inventory). Journal of Pain, 20(8), 932-940

Wagner, D. V., Koskela-Staples, N., Harris, M. A., & Barry, S. A. (2019). All systems go: An ecological perspective of behavioral health for youth with type 1 diabetes. Families, Systems, & Health, 37, 10-29.

Lawless, C.*, Turner, E. M.*, LeFave, E., Koinis-Mitchell, D., & Fedele, D. A. (in press). Sleep hygiene in Adolescents with Asthma. Journal of Asthma.

Cushing, C. C., Fedele, D. A., Brannon, E. E., & Kichline, T. (in press). What theoretical domains framework elements do parents want in a pediatric health behavior app?: A crowdsourced social validity study. JMIR mHealth and uHealth.

Fedele, D. A., McConville, A., Moon, J., & Thomas, J. G. (in press). Design considerations when creating pediatric mobile health interventions: Applying the IDEAS framework. Journal of Pediatric Psychology. doi: 10.1093/jpepsy/jsy084

Block J.P., Bailey L.C., Gillman M.W., Lunsford D., Daley M.F., Eneli I, Forrest C.B., PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study Group. (In Press). Early Antibiotic Exposure and Weight Outcomes in Young Children. Pediatrics. (D.M. Janicke is part of the collaborative authorship group as the OneFlordia site PI for the PCORnet Antibiotics and Childhood Growth Study).


Recent Student Posters and Presentations

Fidler, A., Evans, C., M., McQuaid, E.L., & Fedele D.  (November, 2019). Sleep and asthma management: A qualitative analysis among adolescents with poorly controlled asthma and their caregivers. Poster to be presented at the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Conference, Naples, FL.

Ding, K., Pinto, S., Basch, M.C, Acharya, R., & Janicke, D.M. (2019, April). Predictive Value of Executive Function Domains on Childhood Weight Status: A Longitudinal Study. Poster presented at the 2019 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Voorhees, S., Lockwood, L., McQuaid, E., Baker, D., & Fedele, D. A. (2019, April). Characterizing Medication Adherence from Pharmacy Refill Data among Adolescents with Poorly Controlled Asthma. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Pediatric Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Moorman, E., Ding, K., Pinto, S., Basch, M.C., Acharya, R., & Janicke, D.M. (2019, April). Internet Sources Utilized for Nutritional Information Linked to Disordered Eating in Youth. Poster presented at the 2019 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Netz, M., Voorhees, S., McConville, A., Moon, J., McQuaid, E., Thomas J. G., & Fedele, D.A. (2019, April). Engagement and Satisfaction with a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial of a Mobile Health Application for Adolescent and Caregiver Asthma Management. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Pediatric Psychology, New Orleans, LA.

Basch, M.C., Reynolds, C., Chardon, M., Ding, K., Pinto, S., Acharya, R., & Janicke, D.M. (2019, April). Youth Sleep Quality: A Mediator of Healthcare Utilization in Youth with Depressive Symptoms. Poster presented at the 2019 Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Reynolds, C.M., Warnick, J., Albanese-O’Neill, A., Schatz, D., Haller, M., Janicke, D.M, & Westen, S. C. (2019, April). Diabetes Distress Mediates a Relationship between Executive Functioning and Disordered Eating in Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes. Poster presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference; 2019 April 4-6; New Orleans, LA.

Chardon, M.L., Pinto, S., & Janicke, D.M. (2019, April) The Relationship between Executive Functioning and Self-Regulation of Dietary Intake in Survivors of Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Poster presented at the 2019 Society of Pediatric Psychology (APA Division 54) Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Sweenie, R., Fedele, D.A., Agollari, K., Prabhakaran, S., Baker, D., Perry, S., & Cushing, C.C. (2019, April). Leveraging intensive longitudinal data collection to understand adherence in adolescents diagnosed with asthma. Poster presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, L.A.

Pinto, S. Chardon, M.L., Adesogan, O.I., & Janicke, D.M. (2019, April) Racial/ethnic minority differences in the relationship between emotional symptoms and self-regulation of food intake in pediatric cancer survivors and healthy peers. Poster presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference; 2019 April 4-6; New Orleans, LA.

Fidler, A., Evans, C., Koskela-Staples, N., Netz, M., McQuaid, E.L., & Fedele, D.A. (2019, April). Management of Exacerbations by Adolescents with Poorly-Controlled Asthma and their Caregivers: A Qualitative Approach. Poster presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Koskela-Staples, N., Fidler, A., Netz, M., McConville, A., Cushing, C., & Fedele, D.A. (2019, April). Using Prototyping to Gather Stakeholder Feedback during mHealth Intervention Development. Poster presented at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

Wagner, D. V., Jenisch, C., Koskela-Staples, N. C., Guttmann-Bauman, I., Larsen, C. E., Teplitsky, L., Harris, M. A. (June, 2019). Damage control (group) for youth with T1D: Capturing the true value of NICH. Poster presentation at the American Diabetes Association Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA.

Jenisch, C., Wagner, D., Beeram, A., Stoeckel, M., Koskela-Staples, N., & Harris, M. (April, 2019). Evaluation of Novel Interventions in Children’s Healthcare (NICH) for chronic pain: Use of matched controls. Poster presentation at the Society of Pediatric Psychology Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA.