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Current Projects

OCD & Anxiety Treatment Camp:  We are evaluating the effectiveness of “Fear Facers”, a week-long full-day summer therapeutic camp aimed at reducing OCD and anxiety symptoms for youth using exposure therapy. To learn more about our camp, visit:

Adolescent Mental Illness Self-Stigma (AMISS): We are conducting a longitudinal investigation of adolescents undergoing therapy to evaluate whether self-stigma toward mental illness changes during the course of treatment and whether it relates to psychological symptomatology and quality of life.

Perspectives of Hoarding Disorder: We are conducting a survey-based investigation of clinicians’ perspectives toward and ability to recognize Hoarding Disorder in youth. We also have previously conducted two qualitative studies evaluating provider and patient perspectives of Hoarding Disorder that are currently in the analysis phase.

Clinical Data Banking: We have begun data-banking routine outcome measures for two of our clinics in order to assess treatment outcomes. One data bank focuses on child and parenting behaviors and attitudes for patients undergoing Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), the other tracks symptoms across treatment for patients (adults and children) undergoing exposure therapy for OCD.